Last time I saw Wes, twas a different era in my life. Thankfully reconnecting and sharing his work with us is Tha Digital Dragon. 

And before you dive deep into this sound pond I would like to note that we are looking for more artists like Wes. If you have any work to promote please reach out to us.

Artist Bio

Wes Nesman, THA DiGiTAL DRAGON started in 1999 as a rave emcee and later dj in Detroit, growing to become a prominent electronic performance artist residing in Seattle, WA. He can scratch, flow and mix, analog or digital, taking every element of electronic power and soul to emulate the sound of a Digital Dragon. Though very much at home in drum and bass, Wes is known to transcend genre boundaring creating completely custom transitions into house, breaks, electro and dubstep. Reflecting on over 20 years of experience in electronic music, culture, and history, Tha Digital Dragon carries his audience on a completely unique sonic adventure to explore a soundscape of timeless electronic beats.




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