Interview with Sami Ridge an OOA member + Single Release

Sami Ridge is of many things an artist here in Washington creating during the pandemic-a real person pursing what she believes in. Aside from modeling work she is also producing literature and music with an upcoming musical release entitled In a Room coming out April 29th, with 9 hard copies of a small composition of literary work that will be going to individuals who are kind enough to purchase the single when it is released.

This artist has asked me to direct people to her instagram account: @samiridge 

You can find a delightful amount of photography and phrases otherwise known as poetry across her instagram and you can find her new single here:

I had a moment to ask her a few kooky questions and a few more about her crafts.

This is what she had to say:

1. What's your favorite color in the room at this moment?

A: Dark

Q: Can you add a pigment to that adjective?

A: lol no the lights are off.

2. What is!!!! Your quest?

A: Vanity... but not really

3. What is!!! The average speed of a velociraptor during its period?

A: The nano second it takes to decide you're into someone

4. If everybody loves everybody who does nobody love?

A: Black holes and dark matter

5. What's your favorite genra of music to create and what is your favorite genra of music to listen to when you are creating music?

A: " I don't create the songs- for as long as I stay in this gig, this will be my pretentious answer: they happen, they want out, and they trust me to give them words. I don't have much say in how they sound... but I do love fuzz. My God, I love an unapologetic crunch- so noise rock, post-punk, raw grunge acts. Girl Band is a great example.

6. How often do you think about the music you are working on and how frequently does it take away essential time?

A: "Oh when it happens it *is* the essential time.. I go about daily life, making income, until the next spiritual download which happens at most 3 times a week. Just weaving through the warehouse, humming, waiting for a bone throw. It's like a much more pure form of fishing."

7. When was the first time you picked up an instrument or sang aloud that really inspired you to pursue music? If this doesn't apply then what was that realization like for you?

A: "On one level I think everyone knows that this is the task they're set with in a given life. But on a base level? Who knows, maybe it was when I first heard Veruca Salt's Volcano Girls, or when I got a play school guitar for Christmas and forced my toddler brother and rock n roll Elmo to back me. Maybe it's when I started singing in a dimly lit bathroom. Who can even say.

8. What would you like to see change about the music industry?

A: I'll let you know when I know more about it- if I live to snitch.

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