Niyathi Maya an OOA Collective Member

It's amazing what social media allows us to encounter. Better yet, who, we encounter. Niyathi Maya is the newest member to our collective. I had some time to ask some odd ball questions. As for her work, I would like it to speak for itself. Here is the interview transcript and links to her artistery.

1. What is the best word you could use to calm someone down effectively, respectfully, and enjoyable?

"Understood," or, "yessiree"

2. What word really just pisses you off when you hear it used casually?


3. Whats your favorite word?

I'm panicking and saying, "kerplunk"

4. What is your favorite color in the room you are in at this precise moment?

A sunny farmhouse yellow

5. How many books do you think are just not worth reading in a percentage split?


6. What got you originally inspired to create positive change in the world you live in?

Pain, which made me realize others were also hurting

7. What is the difference between the public and private domain when we actually perceive these things in fluidity as wholes that are not separated by distinction?

Access. While knowledge is power there will always be systems surrounding it. Those without power will try to gain it and those with it will gatekeep it. There is no point to anything except this fluidity in a fair and balanced system.

8. What's your favorite medium?

My speaking voice

10. How's life?


11. Is there anything you would change about yourself?

I would care less what people think of me.

12. Why is life good?

Love, learning, hope, and the beauty in everything

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