Interview with J. Evans and his Gracious Contribution to the Collective

J. Evans is the current owner of a public service/former non-profit organization providing literary speaking outlets, radio broadcast opportunities, and other marvelous contributions to society. He has graciously extended his literary resources as part of our collective. We will be responsible for Poets West functions, contributions, and input into society as the foundation of our poetry division here at Olie Over Art [Collective]. We just need to achieve 501(c)3 status for this to be possible.

I had a moment to sit down and virtually speak with him about Poets West, his literary success, and a few more interesting details. However, before we dive into the interview I want to personally thank him for all of the work and positivity Poets West has achieved. Poets West has served as a personal resource in my endeavors with spoken word poetry as an indie author. I want the community and J. Evans to know we pledge as a collective of artists to extend Poets West's reach and continue to provide value and honor into the community. For years to come.

Stay informed. As time goes on we will expand this story and highlight some of the lives involved in it's creation. In the mean time, check out the interview I had with this kind sir.

The full interview can be found on Equivalent to Sunshine's Souncloud page:

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