Oliver Amatist, CEO and Founder of Ollie Over Art

Hello Everyone,

I hope your day has been splendid, unless of course you tragically ended up reading a blog. In which case I hope our voices can be shared. Either way, today is something to be thankful for and I hope what I am presenting on this website strikes your vision in a sorta off kilter sense, yet enough sustenance to engage with your presence.

Ollie Over Art started as a simple notion to pay it forward and leave it better than you found it. It has gradually grown into an emerging yet substantial resource for independent writers, speakers, musicians, and visual artists who wish to support their community. 

My educational background is in Psychology and Music Theory with an Associate in Arts and a pending AAAS in Business. As a writer I have published two books, Time Within a Leaf (Found on amazon.com and select book stores.) and Dead Flowers (Discontinued). I have performed content from both books at a variety of veneues and events including but not limited to Vashon Live, Bite of Seattle, Rain City Slam, and Cafe Zippy.

In 2022 we plan to officially launch our collective as a nonprofit organization. We will have a Live event, I will be releasing Where the Balloons Land, and much more will be done to support people during this difficult time. 

If you want to find out more about my work you can find me on:

Instagram: @OliverAmatist

Facebook: Oliver Amatist

Soundcloud: Equivalent to Sunshine

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