Where the Balloons Land By: Oliver Amatist

Oliver Amatist has published his third book of poetry entitled Where the Balloons Land.

Part One: Safe Atlas, takes us through a combination of fiction and nonfiction, poetry and prose, as Cozmic a disabled teen raver unwillingly relives his past. Uncovering memories long since forgotten, this epic poem is a true love story unlike Dead Flowers. If you're looking for the silver lining you have found it.

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Time Within a Leaf is only available on Amazon.

Dead Flowers and Where the Balloons Land is available on lulu.comĀ 

You can find his first book Time Within a Leaf here:


You can find Dead Flowers the true tragedy here (18+ to purchase):

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And finally Where the Balloons Land can now be purchased here, be one of the first to read this epic narrative!:


**2 dollars from each copy sold will be donated to Seattle Children's Hospital until our goal is met.**

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