The Initial Project Constructing Social Justice (Aug 4th, 2022-Aug 4th, 2023)


And thank you for taking interest in our new non profit art collective Ollie Over Art [Collective] a state certified nonprofit organization.

If you want to know more about our standrads and morals in the community please read our official mission statement in our blog.

I am pleased to announce a two part ongoing project that will begin August 4th and continue on for the next 365 days.

We are taking over operations of Poets West a well known nonprofit poetry company, which produces weekly and nationally syndicated radio broadcasts of poetry on 90.7 FM. We will be giving people an opportunity to utilize their freedom of speach and speak true words that will span across the country.

Poets West is a seperate organization that we will inherit if we can keep it alive.

We will be reconstructing the website, but you can find out more about them through

Typically it requires a 10 dollar minimum donation per year to gain access to featured poetry slots at well known events poetry events and other perks from being a member. But you are free to contribute as much as you want. 

I will make another announcement when we officially start collecting dues again.

And don't tell anyone, but we may be looking to book live TV performances through indie production companies.

Essentially we have an open call to artist going on of all skill levels.

We will also be taking over operations of three poetry open mic and featured artist reading locations.

And yet we have decided to go a step further.

We are starting a year long fundraiser for an onging trust with Seattle Children's Hospital dedicated in honor to Brendan David Hauer. A close friend of mine who passed away at the early age of 16 from a terminal heart condition. Seattle Children's Hospital added years to his life. This trust is set up for patients whose families are in most need of financial support, because one thing I know is that sometimes your child is too sick for parents to be capable of working.

If we meet our yearly goal we will increase the amount and continue the fundraiser.

Personally, I have pledged 5 dollars from each pastel painting I sell and 2 dollars from each book I sell throughout this fundraiser.

We have not technically started and already have 350 in donations.

I have hope we can truly change some people's lives for the better.

Check out the event page for fundraiser events including different genres and styles of music, litarary art and visual art.

If you just read this and are eager to help we are taking applications to be in the collective officially. This requires a personallized pledge to constructing social justice through art and 4 volunteer hours either through the collective or in the community each year. Please reach out to the contact page and our CEO will be in contact.

If you wish to make a donation...

We are starting with venmo: @Matthew-Dragovich-3 (last four digits: 7574)

I know this seems like an unprofessional method, but if you just put in the comments that it is a donation I assure you every penny will be added to the fundraiser.

We will be starting a go fund me page and other more appropriate and official ways to donate so you don't worry about where your money went.

At the end of our fiscal year we will be annoucing all income and expenses, finished projects and ongoing projects, and the total amount donated by each event we produced or other categories of ways people have donated.

We plan to be transulcent in the community. Honesty is integrity. 


If you need a night off. Come to one of our events! We have open donations, a portion of ticket sales dedicated to the fundraiser and visual artist donating portions of sales to it as well.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

All my pastel paintings are being held for the next two events.

If you would like to purchase a copy of my new book Where the Balloons Land, with 2 dollars from each copy sold donated, please copy and paste this link:

Take Care Everyone,

And Remember,

We are Here to Help.


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